Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Sudden Sway Part 3

It's beginning to seem to me as though people would prefer to have just one track from things going by the download rates here, and that's understandable. Who wants to be bothered downloading an entire album or EP by someone you're not sure of (and I fully admit I'm not that great at describing bands...especially Sudden Sway who are just...really damn hard to describe and that other blog agrees with me on that anyway).

So here is what I think *might* be the best song off Sudden Sway's absolutely stellar-to-this-day "To You With Regard" EP from 1981, it's called "Tales Of Talking Town"

Sudden Sway were eccentric both lyrically and in execution, but also rather amazingly tuneful at times. See, in my opinion it's usually the Brits who write the best tunes...Beatles, Kinks...where the appeal of the music is simply in the *sequence* of the notes itself. But I don't mean to give the impression that Sudden Sway sound a goddamn thing like Beatles or Kinks. Um...no. Remember this is post punk. It's just this principle of the TUNE. Something catchy, it gets in your head...simply something about the sequence of notes that were chosen. This is really how I feel about a lot of music. But there are also plenty of bands from Britain who don't particularly specialize in tunes that I am also into, like the fact that I'm heavily (back) into Loop right now.

Next up I'm thinking of posting a 7" on that Dining Out label I mentioned before that had The Insex on it. Also a compilation of bands entitled "Where The Hell Is Leicester" from 1981.

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