Saturday, May 10, 2008

Sudden Sway article in a 1983 NME

Before I get to posting some more records today I wanted to share this. It's too large to post as an image here, but this is a link to an article in NME about Sudden Sway. I suppose I was lying before that I hadn't heard of their 1982 Tax Scheme single because they do mention it in this article, but they're not very specific about it. In fact, strangely at the time of the article it seems to be a work in progress, which I can't explain because the other blog did say it came out in 1982. Anyway, I happened upon this article by chance, really. In 1989 I decided to buy a bunch of old NME's and Melody Makers that had my fave bands on the cover like Joy Division, The Fall & Cocteau Twins and this just happened to be in one of them. I'm really happy to have it because it at least gives some explanation for the band's weirdness.

I tried unsuccessfully to make it easier to read by darkening it but if you use Mozilla Firefox like I do and run your mouse over it you can magnify it a little by clicking just once and then it's much easier to read.


annie's animal said...

check this if you want you may find some interesting stuff :)

Bimble said...

Yes actually I have seen your blog before! :) Thanks for commenting! I will add you to my links. I admit I haven't been all that fastidious about adding links to other blogs here. I've got some catchup to do in that regard.