Monday, July 28, 2008

New Order (again)

I love you all so much, those people who bother to read this blog. Here is that live version of Perfect Kiss I mentioned that will knock your socks off.

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Crispy Ambulance - Lucifer Rising (1982, 1999, 2003)

Crispy Ambulance - Lucifer Rising (1982, 1999, & 2003 versions)

This is the song that just keeps on giving with them. I wanted so much to find it on You Tube when I did the Factory Night post but it wasn't there.

Here's three different versions of it, one from "Accessory After The Fact" (live album), one from "Fin" (live album) and one from their last (majestic, wonderful, fulfilling) studio album from 2004 called "The Powder Blind Dream". This song is some kind of pagan mystical magic. It goes on and on and on. It never stops. It's a force unto its own. I don't really understand the way it works. It's a mystery.

All this and I haven't included the version on the "Factory Night" DVD.

All I want to hear is old A Certain Ratio and Crispy Ambulance all night long. The "All Night Party" goes on.

And wasn't it so cute in that Control film when a pretend, young, Alan Hempsall got paid to stand in for Ian Curtis at the Joy Division gig? I thought it was, anyway. A good laugh. :)

Genesis P. Orridge is still god, though. Make no mistake.

Also I've got some obscure old fanzine stuff about Crispy Ambulance that I will post later. I promise. I have to dig it out from under my bed. It's encased in the Nick Drake box set.

Industry - State Of The Nation (1984)

This is one of my fave New Wave bands, and I have some records of them I can post...or not...

INXS - Never Tear Us Apart

I'm a sucker for this song. And I will be until I die.

INXS - New Sensation

A Certain Ratio - Guess Who, 1982

A Certain Ratio - "Guess Who", 1982

I'm a huge fan of A Certain Ratio. The song I'm linking to here has been right under my nose for the last 20 years or so. I can't believe how amazing it is and how in the hell it slipped by me all this time. Really weird. We're talking FUNK here, the best of post-punk funk is right here. It's at the end of their "I'd Like To See You Again" album, which frankly is not one of my faves of theirs, but still better than Sextet. If you are in North America, go to to get it, is the LTM website.

Cure tribute band called Fascination Street

The Cure tribute band I saw last night were really, really good. The singer had the whole Robert Smith thing down to a "T", man, his hair, makeup, clothes, movements, everything...even his VOICE. I was convinced at first that he must be lip synching to a backing track but when his accent was off a bit on one song I thought "wow I guess it really is him". It was so much fun. They did a good smattering of Cure songs across their discography, even "A Forest". I'd totally go see them again. They were called Fascination Street and here's their website.

Foreign Press - The Great Divide 12", 1983

Foreign Press - The Great Divide 12", 1983

Ha! I finally got the scanner to do what I wanted it to do with this sleeve. You can tell it's kindof a dense sleeve and I guess it threw the computer off for awhile. Anyway, this is the same band I posted two records of before that came from Manchester. One thing I neglected to mention before is their first single "Downpour" from '79 was produced by New Order manager Rob Gretton. I didn't feel like posting it here, though, because I don't have the actual record and I think it's kinda boring. But you can hear it on their myspace page. Anyway, this 12" I've posted here is the one that was produced by members of New Order (see at the bottom of the back sleeve it says "A Dojo Be Music Production"). Why this didn't end up on the LTM records "Cool As Ice" compilation of stuff produced by Be Music, I don't know. Rights, perhaps?

Perhaps needless to say, this is yet more fun, danceable New Wave. I love it.

Dif Juz - Time Clock Turn Back (81-83 demos)

Dif Juz - Time Clock Turn Back cassette (81-83 demos)

This one is for the collectors only. If you don't know Dif Juz, please don't start here, start by searching them on You Tube or something. These were their early demos circa 81-83 and it shows that these were little more than rough sketches. This is easily my least favourite release by the band, though there are some interesting things here. The slow guitar riff in "Sea Shanti" is hard to get out of my head and somewhere towards the end of "Good Bad The Ugly" it starts to get really interesting. I apologize that this track might not sound as good as the others - it's the only track here I didn't rip myself, but I didn't want to rip my own copy because this version I found includes more than what is actually on the cassette I have (which was a dub to begin with - this cassette was impossible to find even in the 80's). I also apologize for writing "A Certain Ratio" on the spine of the cassette - this was because whoever made it for me included some ACR at the end!

For the uninitiated, Dif Juz were an instrumental band that eventually landed on the 4AD label in the 80's and were produced by Cocteau Twins' Robin Guthrie on their last album "Extractions". Their sound was often borrowed from dub reggae in spots, though it seems they shed more of their dub roots later on. They're one of my all time favourite bands, and one of a kind.

Saturday, July 26, 2008

My activities this evening

I'm going to go out and see a Depeche Mode tribute band tonight as well as a Cure tribute band. I'm not sure what to expect. I can't say I like Depeche Mode very much, though their early stuff is okay. I guess I just get sick and tired of so many people worshiping them all the time when I usually find them only slightly better than mediocre. I like the Cure, though, at least up through Disintegration.

I'm also trying very hard to get my alcohol use under control this weekend. I've been sober all day today but very sleepless. There are people who have left my life because of my substance abuse and I think one of the hardest things about getting sober is having to take responsibility for things in the past I cannot change. It's a heavy weight to carry, that guilt. When "sorry" isn't enough anymore, and those people are never coming back no matter how sober I am. But I think in the end, it's about treating myself well and I'm optimistic that I can learn to do that. I'm tired of pushing people away when what I really want is more people in my life.

The Maps - I'm Talking To You 7", 1979

The Maps - I'm Talking To You 7", 1979

It's difficult to describe in words just what a fantastic single this is. I first heard the A-side on a compilation of Boston post-punk bands entitled "DIY-Mass. Ave (The Boston Scene)". I liked it so much I felt the need to pay the large amount of money it cost to have the single for my very own. It's a very catchy and gutsy little single. Top drawer as far as this genre goes, I think. Something about the rich sound of the Judy Grunwald's voice on the A-side and the way it twists and turns around this effortlessly catchy melody reminds me of Dave Wakeling's voice from English Beat, though this is certainly not ska music. You'll find no synthesizers here, either. Just finger poppin', toe-tappin', fun tunes. The b-side is a bit more punk and full-throttle...think Blondie's "Rip It To Shreds" but with more attitude.

The only other release of the Maps I'm aware of is a track on a rare compilation of Boston bands entitled "Billy's Revue". I spent a lot of money to order this LP from Japan, only to find that the contents were corny and couldn't even be called punk or post-punk in style. Even the Maps track wasn't remarkable. Oh well, that's the way it goes sometimes.

Here is a website which tells some more about the band.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Orchestre Rouge - Soon Come Violence 7", 1982

Orchestre Rouge - Soon Come Violence 7", 1982

Here is some more music produced by Martin Hannett. Orchestre Rouge were from Rennes, France, and lasted from 1980-1984. They released a couple of albums but only one was Hannett produced and that is "Yellow Laughter" which I've included an especially strong (and uncharacteristically funky) track from here entitled "Crows". I suppose I could post the entire album in the future, though I don't have the sleeve art for it. I think I'm just going to describe these guys as garden variety post-punk and point you to the video of the A-side for reference:

One of the members of the band went on to be in Passion Fodder, who are also on You Tube if you're curious. I've never been especially impressed with them and they were certainly a different style of music. As for Orchestre Rouge, I'm not sure Martin Hannett's production necessarily worked for them. To be honest, I've got some live material of them that I think actually sounds better than the studio stuff. Go figure.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Rick James - U Bring The Freak Out In Me

He's my hero. What can I say? I love his checkerboard guitar, damnit.

Missing Persons - Destination Unknown

We've Got A Fuzzbox And We're Going To Use It

Does anyone else remember this British all-girl band from like 1986?

I'm planning to post some NME C86 era stuff on this blog eventually. I've already got some records ripped.

Three Ingredients For Happiness

1.Salt N Pepa - Push It

2.Soul II Soul - Back To Life

3.Neneh Cherry - Buffalo Stance

All this and I didn't even include the M/A/R/R/S video! Hahah. I feel inspired, man. I really do.

A Factory Night (Once Again)

Oh my god you thought the new Joy Division documentary was good, oh my GOD. Check out this DVD. CRISPY AMUBLANCE FOREVER OH MY GOD. And Section 25 too! Jesus.

If you are in North America, you can get it from
If you aren't, well...I don't know where you'd get it but here is the LTM website link

I don't know what to say. This weekend I've dared to play my favourite music in the world. I must be in touch with my heart.


New Order

New Order are my favourite band. They're the only way to heaven. I just heard a live version of Perfect Kiss that would knock your socks off.

Foreign Press - Set Your Love In Motion 12", 1984

Foreign Press - Set Your Love In Motion 12", 1984

I tried to upload their 1983 12" but the sleeve kept fucking up on the scanner. Seriously. I'm worried I won't be able to scan that sleeve at all. Sometimes that happens you know? Like I'll scan LP sleeves and it'll come out as though it's tilted. Really bizarre and annoying. That's what happened with the Gods Gift sleeve, too. The computer just won't accept these things.

Anyway this is danceable new wave, you know what I mean, 1984. I love this. Interestingly, though, this is not the 12" that was produced by Barney from New Order et al. ("B-music") Nope. No New Order involvement on this one. Doesn't suffer at all for it, though.

After I originally posted this, I realized it was on You Tube:

Skyy - First Time Around 12", 1979

Okay I'm uploading another Foreign Press record right now but in the meantime, this is some amazing disco music, man. Holy shit. I've got this on my iPod and you don't!!! :)

Foreign Press - Climbing 12", 1982

Foreign Press - Climbing 12", 1982

I'm totally *assuming* this record is from 1982. It doesn't give a year anywhere on the sleeve or inner labels. I don't really care if I'm wrong. This is not my fave record of this band but yes they were produced by New Order members later on, etc. I'll post another record of them later that is more danceable. This one is kinda...gloomy and goth. No synths. They were from Manchester. Here is their myspace page.

Fra Lippo Lippi - In Silence LP, 1981

Fra Lippo Lippi - In Silence LP, 1981

Oh man, this is one of those things I'm probably not supposed to post here cause you can get it on a CD called "The Early Years" with their other album "Small Mercies" from 1983 on it (an album almost as good as this one). But I adore this record. Goth at its absolute finest. Are you a Joy Division fan? Then you should hear this. This as good as goth ever gets. I was about 14 years old when I first heard this. They were this band from Norway, they were on the Uniton record label I talked about earlier.

Anyway if anyone wants me to take this down, I will. Just ask me.

Angel Rada

Okay I have my internet back now and I'm uploading some music for you as I type.

In the meantime, I just want to give a shout out to this amazing record I found on Mutant Sounds' blog. This is the shit:
Angel Rada - Upadesa (1979)

It's something I might not have bothered with if oldskool hadn't said he liked it. It's sorta like the best of Cluster. Very pretty synthesizer instrumental stuff. Peaceful and gorgeous. I mean, even Brian Eno can't do any better than that. No way. It's so beautiful I could cry.

We are experiencing technical difficulties

Man I hate to say it but I've experienced some more technical difficulties. The power was out at my apartment for about 6 hours today. Now it's on but my internet is fucked. I'm only on dial-up again.

I was totally working on posting a bunch of stuff to my blog at the time the power went out, of course. I scanned some new sleeves and I knew exactly what I was going to post. There's a particularly wonderful goth thing I wanted to share. I'm really sad about this.


In the meantime I've flipped my lid over Rick James' "Cold Blooded" album. He's done it to me again. Oh man.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Rick James - New York Town

I believe in the brilliance of this song to such a degree that I've given up feeling embarassed to post it here. I can't keep this blog about post-punk/new wave stuff only. I just can't. Sorry.

Pure Product - Rejection 7", 1979

Pure Product - Rejection/Sugar Plum 7", 1979

This is a totally off-the-cuff thing for me. I literally just got this in the mail yesterday and ripped it about a half hour ago. I read about it and bought it on a total whim, I admit it. This band were on the Streets Ahead record label which is the same label as another band called Foreign Press that I am going to post here in the very near future. I would hazard a guess that these guys were from the greater Manchester area, but hey, feel free to prove me wrong.

This is more in the post-punk category than my recent posts of late. We're talking about the power pop and especially mod types of things here. No synthesizers at all. The A-side reminded me of The Jam, sorta. The b-side made me realize that these guys were a little too sneery and risk-taking to be called power pop. Sometimes I really hate trying to describe records on this here blog. The interesting thing about this record is that despite the fact that I'm not normally a big fan of said genres, I thought this was a pretty cool and catchy single. I'll give it a B+.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Armande Altai - Nocturne Flamboyant LP, 1983

Armande Altai - Nocturne Flamboyant, 1983

I'm very pleased to post this album because it's very rare and I really like it a lot. This was produced by Martin Hannett and I think this is one of his best productions. You can definitely hear his trademark sound on this. I love the way he can make piano sound icy, etc. I suppose this music is new wave, but it doesn't really feel like that, either. There are some synths but they are warm and unobtrusive. Some of the songs are quite catchy and some of them are just atmospheric and sad. Armande Altai is an interesting singer with a very beautiful voice. She can be kindof quirky at times like perhaps Lene Lovich or Nina Hagen, but then again, not really as far-out as them, either. She is very well-known in France as I understand it, and someone told me she apparently hosts (or hosted) a TV show over there in recent years that is sortof like a French version of American Idol. She released two albums previous to this one in '79 and '81. After Nocturne Flamboyant, she didn't release any albums until just last year when she came out with a brand new one that you can hear tracks from on her myspace page.

I have her two previous albums but was never able to get into them as much as this one. I admire her eccentricity, though, and it seems every album for her sounds different to the last one.

I would dearly love to see English translations of all the lyrics on this record because sadly, I don't speak French!

Oh! One more thing I almost forgot about this record is it has a song called "L'Esclave Endormi" on it that fans of the 4AD label will recall someone named Richenel doing a cover of (though I recall it being pretty unremarkable).

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Liz Fraser of Cocteau Twins w/ Jeff Buckley "All Flowers In Time"

May they take me to the stockades for posting this song. I'll brave it. It's worth it. Classic was such a capital C they had to call in the music cops.

Few pieces of music in the world I have heard as good as that one in all my days. Please make sure Jeff Buckley is happy in the afterworld. Thankx.

More amazing early 80's R&B synthesizer danceable gems

Evelyn Champagne King's "Love Come Down" rules.

One thing I have learned is that S.O.S. Band are STILL classic after all these years, even if I can't seem to find a single song of theirs I'd want to listen to at the gym.

In any case, please prepare for a Rick James landing at all times. I repeat, please prepare...listen, in the the quiet. You will hear Rick James coming to a theatre near you.

Or maybe not.

Sunday, July 6, 2008


You know, music is the whole reason I'm alive. It's all my life has ever been about.

Peter Gabriel's "Humdrum" from the "Plays Live" album is killing me to the core right now. But in general, Rick James is the light and the way.

I know I'll regret this in the morning. But I want just to say it: Music is the only reason for my life. Some people have a lot of different interests in life, I only have one. It makes it hard to talk to people sometimes, when you only want to talk about one thing. It is the essence of my being. It's who I am. There's something calming about just coming out and saying that. Music is all and everything.

My goal is to rip the entire Dif Juz cassette of "Time Clock Turn Back" tomorrow. Just for you. And for me, too, cause the rip I found of it sucked ass.

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Blue Mathue - Perfect Pictures 12", 1983

Blue Mathue - Perfect Pictures 12", 1983, Uniton Records

This is my last post for awhile. I hope you like it. You might remember a long time ago I said that I found out about that band called De Press from a Norwegian label compilation on Uniton Records called "Burning the Midnight Sun" or something like that. Anyway, this band was on that compilation. This is sorta gloomy, synthesizer new wave. The song that appeared on the comp was "In Our Dream" and it's especially good. I was really happy when I found this record. It was hard to find you know? And you found things in record stores only back then etc.

I could have scanned the back sleeve but it's extremely boring. Just one line of text on a white background saying "1983, Uniton Records..."

Rick James

Rick James - "Street Songs"

This album is the absolute shit. Yes, this is the one with "Super Freak" but don't let it hold you back. Cause this motherfucker is the shit. Oh yes it is. I'm going to have a new post-punk obscure record for you folks pretty soon. I'm working on it. You dig?
But the fucking Rick James, dude. Lots of folks say this was his best album and oh my god if I don't agree.

New Age 12" EP, 1982

New Age - self-titled EP, 1982, Dining Out Records

I want you folks to know I am working very hard on this blog despite heavy drinking this (holiday if you're in the US) weekend.

New Age was a band from the UK I don't know where. Yes Mutant Sounds already uploaded this EP to his blog ages ago with the rest of their discography but he didn't have any of the record sleeves because he got it all from me. I think this is some pretty good new wave, probably the best thing this band released. It's not cheesy new wave, though. Probably the best song is "First To Live, First To Die". It's nice when they add synthesizers. You know, I really love synthesizers but I don't usually like a lot of that European "minimal wave" stuff. Go figure.

Anyway I told you I am working very hard on this blog. I'd rather be listening to Rick James' "Give It To Me Baby" and U2's "War" album, but instead I'm churning out these blog posts about obscure post punk just for you.

Please make a commment on my blog if you appreciate any of this. Thankx. Love, Peace...etc. It's every American's job to say that word "peace" I think. Hell with gasoline. We're all going to die from global warming etc. Where's my Rick James? That song "Give It To Me Baby" I can't stop playing it. Rick James is the shit. I've got the whole album of his "Street Songs" now. And that's why I love life, baby. That's why life is worth living: Rick James. This song "Ghetto Life" jesus. He was only 7 billion times better than Prince.

Friday, July 4, 2008

Martin Hannett update

I haven't given up on posting some rare Martin Hannett productions, but the one I'm particularly keen to share is something I haven't figured out the best way to present yet. I'm working on it, behind the scenes, though. I assure you.

Behaviour Red 7", 1982

Behaviour Red - Ke Ke Ke Ke Ke Ke Ya/Offerings 7", 1982 on Dining Out

This is one of the last singles I will post on this blog from the Dining Out label. It's not very remarkable, but when I played it again, I appreciated how bizarre it was. Side A is completely mental, like Kate Bush's "The Dreaming" album on acid. I would say that if you don't like Kate Bush's "The Dreaming" album you better forget about side A. Also the sleeve gives the very mistaken impression it could be a goth masterpiece. No such luck, don't get your hopes up.

The first part of the B-side "Offerings" reminded me of some old Felt song. It's pretty cool, actually as far as a goth song goes. It's probably good music to play in the dark with candles at 3 AM when you're doing a seance.

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Life - Optimism 7", 1985, FAC 122

Life - Optimism/Better 7", 1985, FAC 122

The credits on the sleeve point to Gillian & Steve from New Order being on this. Another song entitled "Tell Me" by Life appeared on the LTM records 2003 retrospective compilation CD entitled "Cool As Ice" of records produced by members of New Order. I don't think that song holds a candle to this delightful, easy going, and perhaps "twee" 7" single with female vocals. Grimly Fiendish, are you out there? I think you'll like this, mate.

New Model Army (again)

New Model Army - "Bittersweet" - one song only, 1983

Oh man, the three songs on their first single from 1983 entitled "Bittersweet" have flipped my lid. You can find them on a CD called "Vengeance: The Independent Story" which I've not even owned, ever and I'd really like to have right now. I only had Vengeance on LP a long ass time ago. I don't really know how to describe this band. They're not punk, but they're punk in spirit. Also can anyone tell me what happened to that amazing bassist they had on their first proper album "No Rest For The Wicked"? He was like one of the best bassists in the history of time. What happened to him?

Here is a link to my previous post about this band.