Saturday, May 3, 2008

Noyes Brothers

I already said in another post that I was crazy about this album. I'm still crazy about it. EVEN the experimental instrumental synthesizer doodlings towards the beginning and end are okay by me. Soon I will have my own copy of the vinyl and I will be so happy to hold it in my hands. They claimed it was a sealed copy. Fingers crossed. I will probably have an orgasm if it is a sealed copy.

In any case, here is some more prime post punk: Noyes Brothers "Night Sky Vision"

I realize some folks don't like Steve Solamar's voice, but I really do. He speaks to me somehow. And I hate to say it but it seems to me the songs he sings on this Noyes Brothers album are better than any Spherical Objects stuff. But the entire Noyes Brothers album is just amazing to my ears, no matter who's singing or what's going on.

Here's another really nice song from the album, this one with vocals from Steve Miro rather than Solamar.

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