Sunday, May 11, 2008


It seems to me as if my brain is permanently stuck in 1985 subconsciously, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. I never get out of 1985. I guess you can say this is a good or bad thing depending on how you feel about it personally. Everyone is different. But some deep part of me never leaves 1985. I can't help it. It's just the way I feel.

Nietzsche (the late 19th century philospher, for those that don't know him) talked about the "eternal recurrence" - when you keep living the same life with the same patterns over and over and over and over.

From Wikipedia:

"Eternal return (also known as "eternal recurrence") is a concept which posits that the universe has been recurring, and will continue to recur in the exact same self-similar form an incomprehensible and unfathomable number of times. The concept has roots in ancient Egypt, and was subsequently taken up by the Pythagoreans and Stoics. In the Hebrew Scriptures, the notion is supported in the book of Ecclesiastes.[1][2][3] With the decline of antiquity and the spread of Christianity, the concept fell into disuse, though Friedrich Nietzsche briefly resurrected it.

In addition, the philosophical concept of eternal recurrence was addressed by Arthur Schopenhauer. It is a purely physical concept, involving no "reincarnation", but the return of beings in the same bodies. Time is viewed as being not linear but cyclical.

The basic premise is that the universe is limited in extent and contains a finite amount of matter, while time is viewed as being infinite. The universe has no starting or ending state, while the matter comprising it is constantly changing its state. The number of possible changes is finite, and so sooner or later the same state will recur."

It's like when there are bells that ring from a church. Same sound but at intervals. Over and over. For however many times are necessary to mark the hour.

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