Saturday, May 10, 2008

Lowly American

I'm just a lowly American. They're going to send me off to prison camps in Wales, soon. But post punk paves the way. Doesn't it? God is dead. Nietzsche said.

This is a great time to remember my earlier post about Manchester band Gods Gift, right? They even did a song for Nico (you know, the lady from Velvet Underground?)! I don't know what else you could possibly want out of a band than that. Can we have a moment of silence please?

I have to hear their 12" EP very soon again or I will lose my mind. Must find my iPod. Weird thing is I'm not totally sure I ripped that from vinyl yet. Or even from CDR. I've got to find it somewhere. I'm really confused right now. I know I have it on vinyl for sure, but beyond that I have no idea what CD I ripped it to.

Now I am hearing some instrumental thing that sounds so much like early Fall and I am about to pass out from swooning nausea & dizziness.

It's the Gods Gift cassette is that is still playing. Hence the culprit! Wonderful music.

Maybe harmless Joan Jett will start rocking out soon so I can get past the intensity of this kind of life-changing post punk.

And as far as the US stuff goes, The Replacements is probably as good as it gets. I'm hearing the new reissue of "Stink" right now and "You're Getting Married" (solo demo) is flipping my lid right now. I don't know what else you could possibly want out of American music than that. No way.

I'm going to play early Sonic Youth again soon, too, though. It's the perversion of an anglophile to listen to these things. Guilty pleasures.

But when Loop's Arc-Lite comes on, I just can't get enough. I really just can't stand it. This song drives me completely insane even though I first heard it when I was 19 or whatever.

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