Saturday, May 10, 2008

Just to be obvious...

Okay look. I'm hearing this damn album again in my ears and we all know this is the goddamn post punk ultimate thing. Gang of Four "Solid Gold". Do you know I love it even more than "Entertainment" now? Please kill me now. And listen to how the drums in the middle of "Cheeseburger" sound like PIL off of Metal Box or whatever that song was...oh god.

It's just too intense. Do you want watered down post punk or do you want the fookin' classicks? I'm being killed by this album again. And I'm not afraid if it's a post punk cliche now. It just does NOT get any better than this ever as far as post punk goes. Forget it. But you know that already.

Anyway I'll post more obscure music tomorrow I promise. It's been a long night. I have a new best friend. Life is good.

I want to go riding with Batman & Robin in the convertible batmobile of GOTHAM while "A Hole In The Wallet" is playing.

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