Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Dif Juz - No Motion AGAIN

One of the very finest gifts of music to hit my ears in this lifetime. I may erase this later, but for now....

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Martha & The Muffins - Black Stations White Stations (1984)

ARRRRGH Haven't enjoyed this song in so long!!! :) :) :)

Incidentally, there was a Dutch man named Martin who recently wrote me a nice, long email about Dif Juz etc. If you're out there, I'm sorry I haven't been able to concentrate on it, but I was so delighted you took the time to write it all. Thank you very much!

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Esperanza Spalding

This woman is incredible. Absolutely incredible. So talented!!! Shit, she plays the bass too. What in god's name do you want? I'm just talking about music, here, and woah, her MUSIC!

Wow doesn't she just kick Anita Baker's ass to the curb?

Simple Minds - Sparkle In The Rain demos

Simple Minds - Sparkle In The Rain demos are back up HERE.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Sheena Easton - Madness, Money & Music, 1982

Sheena Easton - Madness, Money & Music, 1982

I'm really in love with this album. I've played it enough times to be really sure of this. If you thought Sheena was just a cheezy 80's throwaway, this album ought to change anyone's mind. My god. I've heard the one she did before it and the one she did after it and I'm convinced this album cannot be matched. It costs a lot of money get on CD, now. I think I might just have to get it on vinyl for fetish reasons. This is just far more of a fantastic record than it should be. Listen for example, to how funky "When I Needed You" was. This was truly well-crafted songwriting with a killer singer to sing it.

Die Unbekannten - Don't Tell Me Any Stories LP ('81-83)

Die Unbekannten - Don't Tell Me Any Stories LP, '81-83

I am utterly ASTOUNDED at the quality of this record. 100% Grade-A GOTH right here. This was an LP release from 2005 on a label called Vinyl On Demand that compiled their entire discography from 1981-1983 and added a few as-yet-unreleased goodies. The problem is they only did 500 copies and it looks as though they are all sold and now looking around I find that records by this band are going for US$200-600, WAY out of my price range (or any sane person's price range, I think). But oh the treasure trove in store for your ears here! If you like goth, like Joy Division, etc. I think very few releases get as good as this one in that genre. The song "The Game" for example (second version on this) has a bass that sounds like early A Certain Ratio or early Section 25, SO cool! And check out that crazy ass synth drum sound on that track. That almost gives New Order's "Chosen Time" a run for its money. Yikes.

Fantabulous stuff. If anyone wants me to take this down, please just let me know because I would love to believe that SOMEONE somewhere is going to re-release this.

Also, that last track "Alone" gave me goose pimples (chills) today and I can't even REMEMBER the last time any music did that to me!

Pink Turns Blue - Eremite, 1989

Pink Turns Blue - Eremite LP, 1989

I normally don't pay attention to anything with the "goth" tag past say, 1983, but this one sounds pretty cool, it reminds me of stuff that used to be on Louisiana's (U.S.) Doctor Death records in the 80's, if anyone remembers that label. Whoops! I mean C'est La Mort records! That's the name of that label, Doctor Death was only the name of the guy who ran it. He was from Baton Rouge. Hell, I can't believe I'm remembering all this now. But yeah...I think this band were from Germany, not Belgium as the DJ at this goth night told me. But I'm not really sure. The interesting thing about him telling me that though was I actually did buy their next album "Aerdt" while I was in Belgum in 1991! But I no longer have it. Oh well.

"Michelle" is the most compelling track here, I think. I heard it at a club night and it's got an infectious beat you can sortof dance to if you want. Sometimes this album is a bit abrasive...the way he shouts "She's dead! She's dead!" at the end of "Moon" is kindof you know...ouch with the pain! You know that guy is NOT kidding when he says that woman is dead. "Now.Son" is rather in-your-face and industrial. "Emerite" seems to mimic Nick Cave's crazy Birthday-Party vocals. I will stress though, that these guys did use synthesizers. Well, I say they did use them, but it looks as though they are still playing according to their myspace page.

Probably not my most FAVOURITE type of goth, but an interesting album nonetheless. I think in a way it's really the lyrics that are the best thing about it. The lyrics are really extraordinary on this. Of course the accent of the singer makes them hard to understand for a native English speaker at times.

Altar Ego - Big Picture 12", 1987 (1982?)

Altar Ego - Big Picture 12", 1987

For more info on this band, see my previous post of the 7" of this. Notice the 12" has a similarly strange sleeve. Why a band would release a 7" in England and a 12" in Australia with an entirely different sleeve I don't know. This record does say 1987 on it, but this really only adds to the mystery. As for the songs on this that are not available on the 7", they are synth-less and pretty cool. I don't believe this band really knew what sound they were going for. It's pretty hard to describe them in a handy, catch-all sentence.

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Bimble's Badass Mix

I want to pause here and give thanks to the people who introduced me to these wonderful songs. Thank you so much! I feel so lucky to know people who could give me this kind of music. The second and third tracks are jazz, the fourth & fifth are some mightily amazing instrumental synthesizer fun. Maybe if I can get Audacity downloaded and kindof sober up for awhile, I will put this up as a mix.

James Brown - Let A Man Come In And Do The Popcorn
Esperanza Spalding - I Adore You
Joyce - Aldeia De Ogum
Space - Magic Fly (1977!)
Donna Laser Orchestra - Vega Synthauri (1984-85?)

Here's a video of that last one:

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Maps single finally reposted at last

Maps single finally reposted HERE.

The Now Dead

Wow, my friend just turned me on to this fantastic goth/punk band called The Now Dead.
To see their myspace page, click here.

Rudimentary Peni - Death Church

Rudimentary Peni - Death Church

This album totally turns me on. Punk with a hint of goth.

Time Zone - The Wildstyle (1983)

I want the entire world to hear this. This is absolutely the most badass dance record I've ever heard in my life. New Order should be jealous of this thing. It's got EVERYTHING you could possibly want...Bambaataa, that sexy French lady called B-side and a whole bunch of groundbreaking synth 1983 skullduggery. I've heard this thing about 4 or 5 times now and I'm still convinced it's the absolute deal as far as dance records go. Damn, you thought Sugarhill Gang records were good???? You ain't seen nothing yet.

I don't want to mislead people, though, this song doesn't have John Lydon on it the way Time Zone's "World Destruction" did.

Time Zone - The Wildstyle 12", 1983


Okay, I have got the Belt & Braces LP ripped and the Maps single and will be putting those back up as soon as I can get them uploaded.

I am also planning NEW things to post on the blog (oh my god, what? You mean it's not all about resting on my laurels at this point?). So stay tuned and watch the reposts get done at the same time as some new posts. Dig? See it's UPLOADING IN THE BACKGROUND SO BE PATIENT, etc.

Someone gave me a gig of The Cult from like, 1986 last night. I went insane over that, absolutely insane. Their "Love" album was a really wonderful record. I also went nuts over a bunch of other things including a wonderful James Brown song someone sent me. But I'll explain all this later, much later.

Friday, December 19, 2008

Public Image Ltd. - First Issue, 1978

If you like post-punk and you don't have this album on vinyl with a proper turntable, well, you're very unfortunate. I don't even want to HEAR that Gang of Four are better than this, because I will have to ask you to step outside. Everything that is great about reggae and funk later in post-punk is encapsulated in an embryonic form as "Analisa". James Brown would run screaming from that track, are you kidding?

Bimble loves early 80's Top 40

Okay you folks want me to reupload all this stuff, see. And I get TIRED of working for YOOOS when I just want to take a break and hear the music I really want to hear.

Early 80's Top 40 like this, Julian Lennon's "Valotte" (can't get over this fucking song)

And INXS "Don't Change" ultimate 80's?:

More Reposts

Okay, I'm home from work today so I am working on all these reposts people have requested.

Here's what I'm working on:

Belt & Braces Roadshow Band - Self-Titled LP, 1974-75 (definitely hope to have this one back up today, this is a fun one)

Guitar George - Who Is Innocent?" 12", 1987

The High - Take Your Time 12", 1990 (this one is back up now already)

Blue In Heaven - Across My Heart 12", 1984 (this one is already back up now)

Walk The Walk LP, 1986 (this is an awful record and I dread ripping it again, but okay)

Urban Shakedown - The Big Bad Wolf/Rap The Wolf 7", 1982

Cathy La Creme & The Cro-Tones - "I Married A Cult Figure From Salford"/"Tea Machine Dub", 1980 (this one is already back up now)

Ed Banger - Kinnel Tommy/Baby Was A Baby 7", 1978 (this one is already back up now)

and last but not least...

The Maps single (another really fun one I'd like to get done today)

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Orchestre Rouge Repost

Okay, as requested, Orchestre Rouge 7" from 1982 has finally been reposted HERE.

I don't care about anything right now because I am playing Rudimentary Peni "Death Church" and I love it. PUNK ROCK WITH A HINT OF GOTH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Foreign Press Reposted

As requested, all three of the Foreign Press 12"es have been reuploaded. Find them here, here, and here.

Next repost will be the Orchestre Rouge 7", as requested.

Friday, December 12, 2008

Hannett & Wilson, Strawberry Studios, 1980

NEW A CERTAIN RATIO ALBUM 2008!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I had to get it from Amazon France. There is another place you can get it called FNAC.


God, life hasn't been so good since the last Kate Bush album came out circa 2005 (12 years in the making).

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Heures Sans Soleil, LTM compilation, 1985

Various Artists - Heures Sans Soleil, 1985

This comp has probably been put up on other blogs already but I decided to put it up anyway out of sheer sentimental value. Long before the LTM (Les Temps Modernes) label became well known as the fine reissuer of Factory records and post-punk gems we know it to be today, there was this compilation, and as far as compilations go, it is a doozy. Greater than the sum of its parts. I bought this when I was about 15 years old and I remember skipping school one day and listening to it on my walkman, sitting next to a dirt road out in the country. Trivia buffs will note that the Crispy Ambulance track here is actually mistitled. The Section 25 track "Hold Me" is to die for, and not on any of their regular LP's, though I'm sure it was later added as a bonus track to something or other.

My only complaint is with the Dislocation Dance track, which I find torture to listen to. I feel duty bound to point out that Dislocation Dance have a hell of a lot more different and better stuff than that.

Track listing:
Section 25 - An Introduction
Clock DVA - The Discussion
Minny Pops - She Said Go Go Go
Tuxedomoon - Shelved Dreams
Mazowsze - The Little Candle End
Eric Random - 6:55
Dislocation Dance - (the next year I returned to) St. Michelle (but Marie had gone and with her my childhood)
The Happy Family - March In Turin
Section 25 - Hold Me
Crispy Ambulance - Rain Without Clouds
A Primary Industry - From This Prospect

Grace Jones - That's The Trouble 7", 1984

Grace Jones - That's The Trouble 7", 1984

I got this from my friend Adam, and wasn't going to post it except for that fact that someone said "oh that's a rare 1984 remix of a 1976 song" or something like that and asked me to rip it. So here it is. By request.

Chic - My Feet Keep Dancing, 1979

I know, I said The Hustle was the best disco song ever. But Chic are the best disco act ever. This is some HIGH CLASS shit right here. They should have been as big as the Beatles.

Stevie Nicks - If Anyone Falls, 1983

I can't stop playing this song over and over. I can't help it. And I don't understand it either, cause I never even owned this record. But this thing has cast a spell on me. I can't get out. When will I get tired of it?

Zang Tumb Tuum Sampled, 1985

Zang Tumb Tuum Sampled, 1985

To be honest, I think most of this comp is boring, but I'm DYING over these two Frankie Goes To Hollywood tracks. "Disneyland" wasn't on their first album at all and it almost sounds like a different band. The live version of "Born To Run" is ace as well, much better than the album version, more sincere somehow, not so gimmicky. Also, the version of Propaganda's "P-Machinery" here is not recognizable to me, either, but then I know there's a zillion versions of that and I probably haven't heard them all. It's a real treat nonetheless! I'd really like to know what folks think of this stuff.

It's kindof ironic because the next record I want to rip for this blog is a label sampler as well.

Here's the tracklisting for this:
Art of Noise - Closing
Frankie Goes To Hollywood - Disneyland
Propaganda - Femme Fatale
Anne Pigalle - Intermission
Instinct - Swamp Out
Art of Noise - Egypt
Andrew Poppy - The Object Is A Hungry Wolf (extract one)
Propaganda - P:Machinery
Anne Pigale - Looking For Love
Art Of Noise - A Time For Fear (Who's Afraid)
Frankie Goes To Hollywood - Born To Run (live)
Andrew Poppy - The Object Is A Hungry Wolf (extract two)

A Certain Ratio - Good Together LP, 1989

ACR - Good Together LP, 1989

This album is not for everyone. This is the commercial, sanitized (major label) version of ACR. I believe the band kindof wishes this didn't exist now (I know Martin Moscrop said as much). At first, I didn't like it, but with some plays it really, really grew on me. There's not much funkiness here at all, and the lyrics are sortof sappy & overly optimistic at times, but then you have to realize this was back in the days when the drug Ecstasy was all the rage. I think even if you can't take the sugary-ness of this, there is one main reason listen to it and that is Anthony Quigley's sax, which fucking slays me. In fact, for clear evidence of why this record is worthwhile, please skip ahead to the tracks "Every Pleasure", "River's Edge", & "Coldest Days".

This record also marked the last time ACR would use regular instruments to my knowledge. They released an EP soon after this (also entitled "Good Together" if memory serves) but it was all electronic, even the drums, and as someone I was chatting with last night said "Why would you use freaking programmed drums if you have Donald Johnson in your band?" Indeed. They released some stuff after this album, but I never liked any of it and gave up on them. I'm delighted that on their new album they've gone back to using regular instruments. Can't wait to hear it.

Apparently this album was indeed released on CD but I've never been able to find a copy. I was somewhat unhappy with my vinyl copy for quite some time, but after my friend Adam let me use his record cleaning machine, I got a nice rip of this.

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Van McCoy...The Hustle

I know, I know, it's not exactly obscure but if this isn't the best fucking disco record in the history of the universe, I'd like to know what the hell is.

The Tapes - Party LP, 1980

The Tapes - "Party" LP, 1980

I believe these guys are from Holland. I don't know what to make of this record. I bought it from a local store some years ago simply because the sleeve looked cool, and when I first heard it I flipped with joy. Then I frantically bought their other records (one before, and one after this record) and quickly grew bored with it all. It's hard to describe. Take Gang of Four minus the funk, then add lyrical weirdness. That band I mentioned before called 4,000,000 Telephones were like that, too. A post-punk tower built on lyrical weirdness, which isn't too bad a way to go, really...

They're certainly fucking arty, this lot. I think they deserve a listen, even in a purely instrumental sense. I still don't know the second side of this record very well.

Whatever you might think of it, I think you'll find it hard to deny it's post-punk.

Here's one of the songs from this. Can't believe these guys are on You Tube.