Saturday, May 3, 2008

Missing Presumed Dead part 2

God, I don't even know where to start with this band. I really have flipped over Missing Presumed Dead. I've completely lost my critical faculties. The "How's Your Bum For Cracking Walnuts" album is even more of an achievement than the "Revenge" album is. I want to post another track but the thing is, one track would mislead you because there's actually a fair amount of variety on their songs. They even bring in a woman singer for "Delicate" and that was the moment when I decided I had well and truly flipped over this band. They were never anything less than PRIME POST PUNK. This is post-punk the way it was always meant to be. And I love the way they flirt with jazz sometimes on the "Walnuts..." album, too. They come close to that skronk New York no wave stuff a little at times, though never really discordant.

So yeah, if you don't know it yet, run - don't walk - to grab it from Mutant Sounds

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