Saturday, August 25, 2007

Screen 3

Here is the other band I've pretty much flipped over, although their quality began to drop circa '83 as was true with many good post punk bands. Screen 3 are/were from Norwich like the Higsons were and they kindof sounded like the Higsons sometimes, but to be honest I think Screen 3 were better. Their first couple of singles were kindof like a more gloomy Josef K, for lack of any better way to describe them.

To see their myspace page, please go here and listen to the song European Journey for starters.

Rip It Up

Okay for real now we are going to rip it up and start again with this blog. Drunken detours be damned. I mean...Damned. Is that a new rose you've got there?

I have found three albums all at once that I really like, so I am a happy camper. I guess when it rains it pours. Why can't fate spread the gems out better so it isn't quite so intense when they happen at once suddenly?:

1) The Wendys - Sixfoot Wingspan (a most beautiful tribute to Factory records, I feel - I honestly don't think I've heard anything this good since...well, a really damn long time and certainly pre-2001)

2) The Silencers - A Letter To St. Paul (also a Scottish band and a very nice sorta jangly pretty 1987 thing or other, on a major label and slick production-wise, but still far better than a lot of bands who might have swam in the same pond of's subtle, doesn't overdo it, very nice indeed. This is probably what I always wanted the Trash Can Sinatras to sound like)

3) Thee Majesty - Vitruvian Pan (not very publicized this one...Genesis P. Breyer Orridge rears his/her head be honest I haven't listened to the whole thing yet but that's because I fear the power of it and I'm saving it for last)

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Procol Harum

You think of them as 70's no hopers, probably but

this is Procol Harum "Shine On Brightly"

And while we're at it, ELO "Mr. Sun":

I can't figure out this fucking blog thing. I can't figure out how to edit the posts.

I really do love Orange Juice's "Rip It Up" That song has obsessed my brain this weekend and I CAN'T STOP.

I will probably talk about the Church soon. It's too late. Bimble is drunk. Bimble doesn't care. Bimble remembers shoegazing, etc. Ad infinitum. No one cares.

Death is imminent. This is the death of my country. America is no more. This is the end. Goodbye. I fear even the ACLU can't save us now.
I'm here. I'm here. In the corpuscles of all I had to say about 5 min. ago and can't remember.

There is no appreciation for reggae in the states like they do in the UK

I'm a DJ in my head.

Wait. Just stop. Cheney should be in chains.


Too much pain. Must have more drink. Too much pain.