Monday, July 28, 2008

New Order (again)

I love you all so much, those people who bother to read this blog. Here is that live version of Perfect Kiss I mentioned that will knock your socks off.


Anonymous said...

let's toast with an earl fade to grey tea then. anyway, many thanks for these coool records and tapes :-)

Bimble said...

A toast to you!

Anonymous said...

The speed at which they performed this was interesting. I have always enjoyed the long version of The Perfect Kiss. Well done.

Now - what about that Dif Juz casette from way, way back ?

DIZ JUZ time clock - I would be ecstatic to hear it again.


Bimble said...

I'm glad you enjoyed the New Order track. As for the Dif Juz, you're in luck because I recently posted it! Go here:

Bimble said...

Well, it cut off the link when I tried to post it, but you should see it to the right in the blog archive, or you can "search blog" for Dif Juz in the top left corner of the main page.