Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Pure Product - Rejection 7", 1979

Pure Product - Rejection/Sugar Plum 7", 1979

This is a totally off-the-cuff thing for me. I literally just got this in the mail yesterday and ripped it about a half hour ago. I read about it and bought it on a total whim, I admit it. This band were on the Streets Ahead record label which is the same label as another band called Foreign Press that I am going to post here in the very near future. I would hazard a guess that these guys were from the greater Manchester area, but hey, feel free to prove me wrong.

This is more in the post-punk category than my recent posts of late. We're talking about the power pop and especially mod types of things here. No synthesizers at all. The A-side reminded me of The Jam, sorta. The b-side made me realize that these guys were a little too sneery and risk-taking to be called power pop. Sometimes I really hate trying to describe records on this here blog. The interesting thing about this record is that despite the fact that I'm not normally a big fan of said genres, I thought this was a pretty cool and catchy single. I'll give it a B+.

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