Saturday, July 26, 2008

The Maps - I'm Talking To You 7", 1979

The Maps - I'm Talking To You 7", 1979

It's difficult to describe in words just what a fantastic single this is. I first heard the A-side on a compilation of Boston post-punk bands entitled "DIY-Mass. Ave (The Boston Scene)". I liked it so much I felt the need to pay the large amount of money it cost to have the single for my very own. It's a very catchy and gutsy little single. Top drawer as far as this genre goes, I think. Something about the rich sound of the Judy Grunwald's voice on the A-side and the way it twists and turns around this effortlessly catchy melody reminds me of Dave Wakeling's voice from English Beat, though this is certainly not ska music. You'll find no synthesizers here, either. Just finger poppin', toe-tappin', fun tunes. The b-side is a bit more punk and full-throttle...think Blondie's "Rip It To Shreds" but with more attitude.

The only other release of the Maps I'm aware of is a track on a rare compilation of Boston bands entitled "Billy's Revue". I spent a lot of money to order this LP from Japan, only to find that the contents were corny and couldn't even be called punk or post-punk in style. Even the Maps track wasn't remarkable. Oh well, that's the way it goes sometimes.

Here is a website which tells some more about the band.

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James Bunnelle said...

Thanks for this rarity. I couldn't believe I was able to find it when I did a Google search. I got nada a few years ago, except the info link you posted. Salem 66 was great as well, especially their first EP (self-titled) which was more melodic than what came later on. I just lucked out and found a copy on Ebay.