Sunday, April 13, 2008

New Mix and A Snapshot of my Current Musical Happenings

Here's a new mix I made:

Kraftwerk - Techno Pop (demo)
Kim Carnes - Draw Of The Cards (extended)
Kim Carnes - Bette Davis Eyes
Killing Joke - A New Day (Dub)
Freur - Doot Doot (extended)
SPK - See Saw
Arthur Russell - Lucky Cloud (Return)
Blue Oyster Cult - I Love The Night (this song is gorgeous, throw your prejudices away)
Convent - Counting The Stars
Death In June - Europa Gates of Heaven
Liz Fraser & Jeff Buckley - All Flowers In Time
Peter Gabriel - Wallflower
Peter Gabriel - That Voice Again
Red Beat - The Wheel (Peel Session)
John Cale - Rose Garden Funeral of Sores

I have been checking out some newer bands lately. I'm actually very pleasantly surprised with the Foals. I thought they would be too much like Franz Ferdinand, but instead they've got a lot more going for them. These New Puritans is another new band I tried like that. I bought their album but I don't think they're as good as Foals. I think TNP want to be Wire or something, but they try too hard. I tried The Chromatics and liked that quite a bit, nice dark 80's sound. But I don't like the Running Up That Hill Cover. She sounds as lethargic as a heroin addict on that and considering how much passion and vocal projection Kate Bush puts into the original it's no competition. I tried another new band called Invisible Conga People. That sounded really cool, very hypnotic. Like you wouldn't necessarily know it was on but you don't want to turn it off, either. Hercules & Love Affair is another new thing. I had high hopes for that and I love the traditional disco sound of it but I don't like the vocals very much. Sometimes it sounds like Boy George, though and I don't mind those parts.

I'm currently investigating Laura Nyro, early Wire Train and 70's Split Enz. I've also been on a Big Country trip this weekend, about the first half of their best of.

My absolute favourite things in the world right now though are the post punk band Nocturnal Projections from NZ that really sound like early Joy Division (Warsaw) at times and an LP by the Noyes Brothers from 1980 on Object records that I was delighted to find available on Mutant Sounds' blog. It's Steve Solamar from Spherical Objects with Steve Miro. The coolest thing about it is a third of the tracks are sung by Solamar, a third by another man I assume is Miro and the other third is sung by an unidentified woman. But all of it is so good. I was surprised because I thought it would just be a bunch of electronic noodling. Object Music discography. I am planning to put up some Spherical Objects eventually. I have the Manchester Collection comp too.

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