Saturday, September 13, 2008

Simple Minds - Live In The City Of Light

Someone, please pinch me. Tell me I didn't go to heaven. Thanks to the "UU" person who recomended this to me, because





It has to be heard to be believed.

Look at the tracklisting and WEEP:

1. "Ghostdancing" 7:22
2. "Big Sleep" 4:27
3. "Waterfront" 5:21
4. "Promised You a Miracle" 4:38
5. "Someone, Somewhere in Summertime" 5:59
6. "Oh Jungleland" 6:35
7. "Alive & Kicking" 6:27
8. "Don't You (Forget About Me)" 6:37
9. "Once Upon a Time" 6:06
10. "Book of Brilliant Things" 4:53
11. "East at Easter" 4:20
12. "Sanctify Yourself" 7:06
13. "Love Song" - "Sun City" - "Dance to the Music" 7:02
14. "New Gold Dream" 5:31


Anonymous said...

Glad you liked it!

I saw them on this tour (OUAT) twice in Boston and Worcester. Even though they were becoming as big as U2 at this time and that they did that vid for the breakfast club everyone and their mother wanted to see them.

BUT... the tour for Sparkle In The Rain was much better, more intimate, no stadiums shows. I saw them at the Boston Orpheum for that show. OH GOD i'm old!

I do have a drum stick i cought at the OUAT tour.


Bimble said...

Heheh. I sure wish I'd gotten to see them. I didn't really stand a chance. I don't even remember them touring anywhere near me, and I was pretty young, then, anyway.

Bimble said...
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Anonymous said...

Oh, just remembered.
Do you get Netflix?
You can get all the Videos they made for the songs between '82-whenever.
also there are live vids from new gold dream era. give me a sec while i check...
Look for both of these on netflix and order them, and if you know how to burn DVDs you can have them to gush over rather than seeing them on Youtube. (i edited out everthing after OUAT). HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

Also check this out, not on DVD i think...

there were some great vids on youtube of them live in studio in '83 France i think for a tv show, they did Celebrate and the American and 1 other. They have since been taken down. DAMN!
I may have downloaded them to my comp at home, i'll see if i can get them to you.

Here are some wicked photos, check out some of the other bands like Altered Images (luv them).


Bimble said...

I don't get Netflix, but there is a world class video store here that seems to have just about everything. I'll look around, thanks. I have actually seen that Chelsea Girl clip before...Jim Kerr looks so funny with black hair. :) I've also seen that New Wave Photos site before. Lots of interesting stuff on that.