Monday, September 15, 2008

Donna Summer again

My and my friend watched that silly disco movie from the 70's called "Thank God It's Friday" yesterday. It has Donna Summer in it, and the Commodores, but most interestingly, it has Teri Nunn, the lead singer of Berlin, before she was a singer for Berlin! Apparently, she had an acting career before the band...I read she was a Penthouse Pet of the Month back then, too...I never read that stuff about her before.

Anyway, this song "Last Dance" by Donna Summer, I've played it a billion times since seeing that movie and of course I remember the song from my childhood but I can't stop playing it. Donna Summer SLAYS me, absolutely slays me. I don't like all of her early albums that I've heard, but when she's good, she's really fucking good.

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