Monday, September 22, 2008


I'm going to be really honest here and confess that I feel a lack of ideas for this blog anymore. I think I've reached a dead end. Recently I did come across a good post-punk record I hadn't heard before (various artists) but it was already posted on Mutant Sounds' blog and I thought it would be silly to post it again. It was rather amateur in the end, as well. But still pretty cool, check it:
Various Artists - "Four Ways Out", 1980

That kind of blogging makes me feel humble, that I have little to contribute in kind. I wish I could have been the first person to post that record on a blog! Haha.

I simply don't feel the urge to trawl through a billion average or less-than-average obscure post-punk bands just to finally get to the good stuff. You really do have to be in the right mood for that, and I'm just not, right now.

I'm far more interested in Disco/R&B/early 80's Top 40 kind of stuff, now. Hell, I'm even interested in the likes of Osmonds' "Crazy Horses" from 1972 which is rock and roll to the max.

So my best friend said immediately when I told him I'd run out of ideas for my blog - "well, start a new blog!" Heheh, I love him dearly, but I can't imagine starting a new blog right now. Haha.

In other news, there is still the LP by Industry I could post here, from 1984. I didn't post that yet. I'll make that my next project, I think. Before the dying cinders/embers of this blog die out forever, etc.


Anonymous said...

Take some time off. I have and it's no big deal. The internet's still going to be there when you get the inspiration back.


Bimble said...

Hey wow! Look at the first two artists on the comp when you click that link! 1000 Mexicans & A Blaze Colour! Wow! :) :)

Bimble said...

And a song by Moev too! Oh the joy!