Saturday, September 27, 2008

The Fall - Hard Life In Country 1982

The Fall - "Hard Life In Country", 1982

Recently I went to see the Wedding Present. It was a fantastic show, and as soon as it ended, some wonderful person put on The Fall's "Hard Life In Country" on the PA. I totally and completely flipped my lid to hear this song I never expected to hear in public EVER. I danced and sang, the only one in Seattle to dance and make a fuss over it. I knew I was making a drunken fool of myself but I told myself the minute they stopped that song, I'd leave. And I did.

I'm talking about classic, essential Fall here, and I'm dying to have the Room To Live album on my iPod. This is deeeeep into my teenage years, this stuff. I HAVE THE ROOM TO LIVE RECORD ON WHITE VINYL SO DON'T EVEN MESS WITH ME.

I just remember being on holiday with my parents and my brother and this record brought me sanity, especially on the long car rides.

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