Friday, August 8, 2008

Walk The Walk LP, 1986

Walk The Walk LP, 1986

This is one for the collectors only. Another one produced by the legendary Martin Hannett, of course. I wouldn't be posting this LP had it not been for the curiosity of another bloke on the Factory mailing list who's probably a Hannett freak like I am. I'm afraid I don't think this is a very good record, though it does get better on side 2 and "These Days" (NOT a Joy Division cover) and "Heartpicking Cowboy" are finally tuneful and compelling enough to grab my attention. Mostly I think this record is too steeped in late 80's excess. Nowhere near the pleasant raw pop of C86 etc.

Never mind, though. I aim to make up for this record by posting a few of my fave (and somewhat obscure) Martin Hannett-produced tracks very soon. Mark my words.

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EdA said...

Many thanks for this.
As a Hannett fan I've just got to hear it.