Sunday, August 17, 2008

The Thought - SECOND Self-Titled LP, 1985

The Thought - SECOND self-titled LP, 1985

I used to see this record in the record stores a lot back in the day. Probably a lot of used record bins. I don't think anyone actually BOUGHT this record back then (but again, I'm speaking from a purely U.S. perspective). Probably no one heard of it or knew what to make of it. I don't remember hearing a single song off this LP on the local college radio station, even if I can clearly remember hearing "There's A Boy" from the first album of these guys I posted earlier (also self-titled - what were they thinking? Two self-titled albums? Only Peter Gabriel can get away with that! Haha).

But you know what? It's actually really nice, this record, and avoids the pitfalls that so many good post-punk bands fell into starting in 1983. I like this record so much that as I said before, I kept forgetting to split the tracks, on both the first and second side. Another thing is I don't remember seeing a video for them...

"But no matter how hard I scream/people tied to music machines" This is some really good music.

And what about the totally fucked-up extended goth version of "Eight Miles High", huh? What a treat!!!! This band from the Netherlands could write pretty good tunes - "Out Of Oblivion". I fucking love this record. Sisters of Mercy with horns = "Maggie MacColl"


Oh no! Calling all Comsat Angels fans, "Tonight Again" is for you.

I think "Rapture" does early Modern English proud.


Angela from the 80's said...

Thank you-Thank you!!! I had this cassette in high school -misplaced it through the years--and have been on a search for it for quite sometime. I am beside myself on having these songs again. Maggie Maccoll was the most memorable but listening to all the tracks again is a beautiful 80's flashback!! Thank you

Bimble said...

Great!! It's neat to hear from someone who already knows this record!

nico said...

Back in 87 I loaned a tape with The Thought - The Thought, but when graduating in 89 gave it back to my old study buddy and we lost track since (as a maater os speech). I have been searching the web both to find him and to find the name of the group who so exquisitely covered eight miles high. I have downloaded many a cover, which all sucked (Husker Du, even our own other Dutch rock band Golden Earring, but nobody ever wrote anything about The Thought). After 20 years I found back my old study buddy through and, .... he still had the tape (plus by the way the album, which he had gotten with the rest of his friend's collection). I'm excited to get a copy at last. He rightfully acclaimed that this album had become a symbol of that music era, without it being recognized by many as such back then. I am thrilled to blast Eight Miles High through my system soon.

Bimble said...

Fantastic! I love stories like that. :)

henk said...

Fantastic, one of my favourites in the 80's. The Thought - The Thought (1985) is a great album!Terrific songs need to be played and heard! It would be great to have a copy of this masterpiece in my collection. Only de link to zshare is not working anymore (expired i think.) Could you upload The Thought again?

Thank You!!

Martin said...

Ha Bimble,
We talked earlier about The Thought via email, remember? Thanks so much for the 1st and 2nd album on mp3 format.
Found the 3rd album yet? Produced by Marc de Reus from De Div (together with Spasmodique one of the best bands Holland brought forth)...If not, I'll see what i can do.
'Till then, regards from the Netherlands, Martin.

Bimble said...

Hi Martin, yes I remember you. I haven't found the 3rd album, but I didn't honestly try because I feared a bigger glossy 80's production sound. I don't even remember what you told me it was called now.