Sunday, August 3, 2008

Bauhaus Tribute Night

Tonight I went to see the Bauhaus tribute band here in Seattle called The Sky's Gone Out and it was absolutely mind-bendingly fantastic. First off before the bands started I recognized that the DJ was playing Revolting Cocks "Stainless Steel Providers" or whatever that song was that I was obsessed with as a teenager with that riff that keeps going on and on. It was a 12" and I'll have to look it up to make sure I've got the title right. And also right after that he played PIL's "The Order Of Death" I mean OH MY GOD TALK ABOUT A SONG TO CHOOSE FROM PIL!!!! JESUS.

So then we had this Bauhaus tribute band and what killed me was the songs they chose to do I mean they rocked the fucking good old fashioned 4AD thing like "Dark Entries" and "Double Dare" and "In The Flat Field" and "Bela Lugosi's Dead" and fucking "Rose Garden Funeral of Sores"!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And they did "Terror Couple Kill Colonel" too and the guitarist was amazing and they did "Kick In The Eye" and fucking "Passion of Lovers" too!!!!!!

But best of all they did fucking STIGMATA MARTYR AT THE END!!!!!!!! That's when I really thought I would die.

And I don't know why Seattle doesn't have a goth scene anymore, it's very sad, but man....

And I asked the DJ to play anything by Gary Numan and he said he had "Dead Heaven" but he didn't play a fucking thing by Gary Numan, the bastard. Hahah.

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