Saturday, August 9, 2008


Alright, this is the last one from me tonight. For real, this is it. Bimble makes an exit. Goodnight, enjoy, I'm going to pass out soon.

I'm going to see Radiohead in only 11 days. Best live band in the universe. Proof positive that the best music in the world always comes from Britain.

When I saw them in 2001, I was so surprised. I was very sleepless that day and I didn't think they would be very good because Amnesiac wasn't that great, but they proceeded to blow my fucking mind and I have a whole CD of the gig which would knock your socks off. Who needs Coldplay when you've got these guys??? I found out that when they play live, it's a WHOLE different la-di-da land than when they're in the piddly studio, mate.

I'll buy you a drink. I'm not going to be the impolite American in the room. No way. A toast to British music, then?

Seriously, I want to thank all the British folks I've met over the years who helped me explore music from there. Seriously. Going way back. Lots of folks to thank. Some of them I don't even know where they are now, sadly.

Colin with an upright bass! What else do you need in life?

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