Sunday, August 24, 2008

Simple Minds mania

I am insane over Simple Minds right now.

81 82 83 84!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anyway I'd like to dedicate this to this nice man I chatted with about music last night. I sorta knew him before and he gave me the Sparkle In The Rain demos but I just had a ball talking to him last night. Thanks for the chat, Chris!! Let's chat again soon. You have a lot of good memories to share. :)


even more different said...

I'm always all about Simple Minds! BTW...I went back and listened to Sparkle and it's a lot better than I realized. I'm still in a 1980 live stuff kick but you were right that the "later" stuff is quite good too!

Bimble said...

Yeah, stuck in 1980, damnit. That's damn right. I'm delighted that you like Simple Minds, too. Thanks for your comment! :)

Anonymous said...

I have been a huge fan of SM back in the '80s. Everything after SITR album sucked, "once upon a time" and "live in the city of lights" were passable only because the live versions of the songs off "light" that were on "once" were brilliant. I've seen them 3 time back then with all their big shirt/coat/beret glory.

BUT i luv everything before SITR, all their synth wave albums were the best.
Will you end up posting the SITR demos? Luv to here them.

also you must have come across these sites...
Simple Minds The Early Years (SM does punk rock)

It also can be found here with other SM stuff (do a search for simple minds in the search bar then scroll)

Plus some others


Bimble said...

Well look at those lovely links! Thanks much. I haven't heard "Live In The City of Lights" but I'd like to. I only like a few songs off Once Upon A Time. Yes, I am familiar with their early punk stuff (and it really is punk) when they were called Johnny & The Self-Abusers and I like that stuff a lot - more than the first album, in fact!

Perhaps you are right that I should post the SITR demos. I seem to be running out of ideas as to what to post on this blog anyway.