Friday, August 1, 2008

Sad Lovers & Giants - Feeding The Flame (1983)

I'm going to refrain from posting this record here. You can get it on iTunes for a reasonable price even if you can't get it on CD. I want to kill myself that I no longer have it on vinyl, but I guess I can fix that. Remember that record I posted earlier by Fra Lippo Lippi? This is like three times better than that, but still not as good as Joy Division. You dig?

From Wikipedia:
"Artistically, Feeding the Flame is considered to be their finest work and hints at a potential that could have elevated them to the status of contemporaries such as The Chameleons, The Cocteau Twins and Modern English. But tensions within the band caused a complete disintegration, with Garel-Funk and Pollard leaving to form The Snake Corps."

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