Saturday, August 2, 2008

M.I.A. - "Lost Boys" - melodic punk rock from heaven

Melodic punk rock from heaven.

This damn thing is wonderful and is driving me nuts. Good old quality punk rock.

It's on Alternative Tentacles. They made this music in 1983 or 4 or whatever. They were from Oakland, California. Just buy the damn thing. I'm at a loss for words. Listen to the clips on this page.

Ha! You thought Minor Threat were good? We're not in Kansas anymore. Throw some Flamin' Groovies into your rock and roll, man. And a little PIL while we're at it.

I bet some of the mods would like this music. Though they might not tell anyone.

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Anonymous said...

actually, they were originally from las vegas, then moved to orange county, california. in addition to the stuff on "lost boys," there were two other albums, "notes from the underground" and "after the fact," the latter of which has a great cover of "california dreamin'."
-jimmy tumors