Saturday, August 16, 2008

9353 - Overdoses At Your Mother's House CD (83-86)

9353 - Overdoses At Your Mother's House CD (compiling stuff from '83-'86ish)

Okay I really would like to know what folks think of this one.

I am so excited to be posting this! And I don't feel bad about doing it at all because this CD goes for a lot of money now. It compiles their first LP called "To Whom It May Consume" from 1983 plus adds bonus tracks. (Even that vinyl LP goes for a lot of money now). 9353 were a band from Washington D.C. that lasted from 83-86 originally, though they've since reformed a couple of times. They were/are positively not like any other band you've ever heard, ever! The main reason for this is the vocalist Bruce Merkle sings in a very strange way, alternating between low and high voices as though he's sortof mocking something or playing roles. They have weird lyrics, weird song titles. I absolutely adore them and remember hearing them on college radio when I was 14 because I grew up only two hours away from Washington D.C. I've always felt it was a shame that you pretty much have to be from that general area of the U.S. to have heard of them. Here is a wonderful website that tells all about them. And LAST BUT NOT LEAST here is a real honest-to-goodness video of them aired on a local D.C. television station in 1985. I cannot believe I've never seen this before. Watch the dracula guy introduce the video. Now please don't try to look at the 2008 live reunion videos you see on You Tube of these guys because I think you will get the wrong idea as to what to expect out of what I've posted here. They sortof started to sound a bit more metal later on, and dress that way, too. This is fine with me, but when they started out in the beginning they really didn't sound metal at all. But you couldn't call them regular D.C. hardcore, either. I don't know what they were. They were their own thing.

I would particularly welcome any comments on what I've posted here because this band are very near and dear to my heart.


jove moix said...


what great news to see a 9353 post! i agree with you: this band was totally on its own, and was very very unique. i am so happy to know you also like them.
remember seeing their photos in the "banned in dc" book, and telling to myself: wow, how would these guys sound?! and well, they sounded... weird, and catchy as hell!
all tracks here are highlights, and i prefer maybe this album than "we're absolutely sure...", although that one is also really really great. but "color anxiety" is a fav of mine, i admit.
wow, how cool is you found that video, and most important, that you knew about them when you were 14? that's smashing!
i was so happy today to find out your post about 9353 and your blog as well. in fact, it's a really amazing blog! kudos :)

all the best and keep blogging,

Bimble said...

Thanks so much for your kind words! Yes, my friend told me that they were in the "Banned In D.C." book but I haven't seen that yet, unfortunately. I agree that their second album/CD is pretty much as good as this one. I wish I'd known about their reunion shows recently in time to buy a plane ticket! :) Sadly I've never seen them live.