Saturday, August 9, 2008

Martin Hannett double feature - The High (1990) & Blue In Heaven (1984)

The High - Take Your Time 12", 1990

Blue In Heaven - Across My Heart 12", 1984

I said earlier I would make up for the Walk The Walk LP by posting some of my fave Hannett produced records ever. Well, here they are. Two 12"es. Remember when you download go straight to track #3 in both cases. Don't even pass go, go straight to track #3 and there is some of the best of Hannett with other bands in my opinion. I guess I could have just offered those two tracks by themselves but I think most people like to have the whole record.

Unfortunately I cannot post the back sleeve of these records properly because my scanner/computer is hellbent on fucking it up and making it lopsided. But I am stubborn about posting the back sleeve of the High (the half of it I managed to scan, albeit crooked). You can't really read it too well unless you click on it, but it says "In November 1989 The High & Martin Hannett went into the studio to demo - these are the results". He produced the version of "Box Set Go", here, too. I think it's the same version as the album, but I'm not really sure. I used to have another "Box Set Go" 12". I don't know if I have it anymore. But I digress...

The Blue In Heaven Martin Hannett version of "Across My Heart" is just...this is a perfect record, okay? We're touching perfection now. Look at the sleeve. Is this not a perfect record?

And what about the High 12"? I'm worried I may have worn down the grooves over the years on Hannett's version of "A Minor Turn" which is NOT available on their regular album/CD "Somewhere Soon". You have to have this 12" to get it. And isn't it a perfect record? I really believe it is.

These are perfect records in my opinion. Hannett and a band at their best.

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