Saturday, August 9, 2008

Sub Sub - Coast EP, 1992

Sub Sub - Coast EP, 1992

This is one of my all time fave slabs of vinyl, right here. This is going with me to the desert island. It's on Rob's Records which we all know was New Order manager Rob Gretton's label. The guys in this band went on to do a track w/Bernard Sumner and subsequently became The Doves. But none of that is really important at all because this is one of the all time best dance records in the history of the world. In 1992, techno was in its infancy, and there were only a couple of Brits really doing it right. Orbital were kings of the heap but also Ultramarine's "Every Man & Woman Is A Star" and Aphex Twin was really hot stuff back then, too.

But this record eclipses ALL of that for me, even Orbital. This is a perfect record. I first came across it because we had a promo copy at the local university (college) radio station I DJ'd at. I wanted to steal the vinyl so bad but I didn't and then next thing I knew it was gone. Someone else had stolen it. I cursed myself. Many years later with the help of the internet I finally scored a copy of my own.


Anonymous said...

Most excellent post.
Many thanks for the link.
Trying to find more SubSub now.
Cheers, Michael.

Anonymous said...

You are totally right - they never bettered this. When that bass kicks in on Coast, it gets me every time. When they do Spaceface live as the Doves it's one thing; this whole EP is on another level.

SgtJohnFitzPatrick said...

Hi would love to hear that Coast Ep/ was ever available on CD I would love to get an original copy for myself

Bimble said...

I don't believe it was ever released on CD, no.