Saturday, August 23, 2008

Matching Mole - Little Red Record (1972)

You know, I'm sorry to go on a little prog rock detour here, but this damn thing is almost as good as the Genesis album I mentioned. This is fucking Robert Wyatt and Brian Eno and god knows who else. I'm serious. Robert Wyatt & Brian Eno are on this thing. And it is really something else. Very folky, actually.

Listen to "Gloria Gloom" - doesn't it sound like Crispy Ambulance??? Doesn't it??

This is some damn fine quality 100% Grade A BRITISH MUSIC, man. As good as it gets.

The lyrics for "God Song" go - "Pardon me, I'm very drunk/but I know what I'm trying to say/and it's nearly night time/and we're still alive/waiting/for something/so throw down a stone or something/give us a sign/for christ's sake"

And the damn keyboard organ sounds!!! Just like on the Genesis album! I love that fucking shit.

BRITISH MUSIC, baby. BRITISH FUCKING MUSIC. Classic British music is WHERE IT IS AT. I'm talking about music Americans couldn't do if they TRIED.

BRITISH MUSIC is my reason for living, man.

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