Saturday, August 2, 2008

Urban Shakedown - The Big Bad Wolf 7", 1982

Urban Shakedown 7", 1982

Here's another Martin Hannett production. Do you like your dub-reggae-influenced funky post punk? I like it, too. I'll admit that by the time you get to the b-side you might get tired of the riff, for the b-side is virtually indistinguishable from the a-side, but it's a fun ride while it lasts. And for Martin Hannett fanatics like me, check it: at the end of the second side, just when you're sure the music is over, you'll hear this faint synthesizer noise. I'm telling you Hannnett is speaking to us from the grave. No, I mean, seriously, he obviously wanted to make his presence felt at the end of that. Wow.

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EdA said...

Thanks for digitizing this. I've been attempting to buy the (deleted, Japanese-only) CD release of the Respond Records compilation "Love the Reason". This is after my attempts at digitizing my own copy of the 7" have failed.