Thursday, February 12, 2009

Ski Patrol & The Thought are now reuploaded

Thanks for your patience.

Ski Patrol is here.

First album by The Thought from 1982 is here.


Anonymous said...

hello do you have by chance any Noyes Brothers or steve miro and Grow-up
That can be so cool!$many thanks

Mariano from argentina

Bimble said...

Well, I do, but LTM records have released the Noyes Brothers album on CD now, as well as a compilation of stuff on the Object label that has a bunch of Miro and Grow Up tracks. I would encourage you to buy this stuff. Website is here:

J. S. Day said...

I have tried to get zshare to work about a hundred times. I just chanced upon your blog and found your statement about zshare's demise. I'm guessing they still have link pages up, but without data to accompany them.

No matter what's going on with zshare, you're 100% correct. Zshare SUCKS. Nice blog, btw.