Friday, November 28, 2008

Altar Ego - Big Picture 7" ('82? '87?)

Altar Ego - Big Picture/Walls 7" ('82? '87?)

I found this record for dirt cheap at a record convention in '90 or '91. I didn't think I'd ever be able to find anything about this band, and even with the aid of the internet, I still can't. All I know is that this was also released in 12" form on an Australian label, and out of sheer curiosity, I've gone ahead and ordered that so I can hear the other songs on it. The A-side of this sounds a lot like New Gold Dream-era Simple Minds with the synths & bass. The lead vocalist is a man, but they have a lady singing along sometimes, too. The b-side is darker and doesn't even have synths. I like the way the bass sounds. This record doesn't give any indication of what year it came out, but places selling these records online say it comes from 1982 and that the 12" came from 1987! I really can't tell. Maybe when I get the 12" in the post, I can figure it out.

And yes, it is a pretty strange sleeve, isn't it? ;)


Anonymous said...

To me, this sounds very much like 1982. High-quality 80's pop, better than many records that "made it". The flipside is even a bit better, I think. Thanks for sharing!

Bimble said...

Hell, I'm delighted you liked it! Seems like such a strange "one-off" record.