Sunday, June 1, 2008


Before on this blog I mentioned Greek post-punk bands. Best one so far is probably Yell-O-Yell. Annie's Animal's blog posted a bunch of their stuff but I found another album called "Hello Hell" that wasn't on that blog. And it's really freaking cool in that it's very obviously influenced by the Birthday Party, but maybe a slight step mellower than that. Birthday Party with just a dash of goth. Lovely.

Here's a song from the album called "Death Pirouette". I doubt Bauhaus would have disapproved of this.

Next up will be the Ed Banger single. I'm pleased to announce that I have received approval from none other than Ed Banger(now Edweena) him/herself to post this single and so I shall, for Martin Hannett produced it after all, and Hannett remains my favourite musician/producer ever.

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