Sunday, June 22, 2008


My hard drive crashed this morning. Sigh. They said I will be able to save all my music files but the downside is I don't get my computer back from the shop until probably Monday or Tuesday. Sigh, I've been reduced to a big, clunky Windows 95 computer with dialup folks! Help! I'm not in a position to rip records right now, even though I have some new ones I wanna rip. This is a painful process, but I'll live. I have my iPod, at least. And a boombox. *weeps* But I miss blogging already! :(

Anyway, the honest truth is, too...that I've moved away from post-punk entirely lately in my listening habits and immersed myself once more in late 70's through mid-late 80's R&B/Funk/Disco and I don't even feel comfortable blogging about that stuff cause I fear alienating whatever audience I might have on this blog.

But since I can't even comfortably post any music right now, what the hell? I'll confess I have FLIPPED OUT over this song by Rick James called "Glow". I have played this song about 32 times today, I'm serious. It's from 1985 I think (of course, my fave year). I am DYING to have this fucking album but I can't find it anywhere. I'll have to order it online. I don't even think it's available on CD. For chrissakes. Here's a you tube link for the song (apparently you're not allowed to embed this in your blog for some reason):
Rick James - Glow

Also I have a K-Tel LP (that's an old vinyl record to you kids) of disco music from 1976 called "Dance Machine". You would not believe the classic disco songs on that mother fucker and there are a LOT of songs on it. The Hustle...Fly Robin Fly...Walking In Rhythm...TWO songs count 'em TWO by K.C. & The Sunshine Band. I also like Rod Stewart's "Da Ya Think I'm Sexy" and you can fuck off if you don't agree.

Also I got a CD today by Brass Construction. I wonder if it will be all disco or something a little different.

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