Saturday, June 7, 2008

Ed Banger

Ed Banger - Kinnel Tommy/Baby Was A Baby 7", 1978

I'm pleased as punch to finally post this. I adore this single. I adore the far-out sleeve, everything. The A-side features Ed yelling at the TV screen to a player on his favourite football team. The background music features echo-ey plunkety plunk piano, a steady bass-line, and a couple short stabs of guitar here and there. It all works out far better than it should on paper. The B-side seems to do a Jerry Lee Lewis impression on the piano or something. It's a good old fashioned 50's rock and roller, only it kinda comes off more like pop music. Both sides of this single were produced by Martin "Zero" Hannett, and I think he did a bloody fantastic job on this.

As I said earlier on this blog, I obtained permission from Ed (now Edweena) Garrity to post this single. The A-side can be found on the "Rabid/TJM Punk Singles Collection" which is still availble on CD, and it's a great CD to have, too.


The Time-traveller and His Dog said...

My friends John Crumpton and Bob Jones filmed a docu on The Nosebleeds (Ed and the fantastic Vinni Riley) chronicaling the group's progress from when they first started out through to the acrimonious break up.
We had a retrospective showing of the film a couple of years back at the King's Arms in Salford, Ed (looking very glam in his drag act gear) and Vinni turned up.
Vinni drew my ticket out in the raffle, and I won a signed pic of him and Ed.

Bimble said...

Wow, now that's a documentary I'd love to see! :) Lovely story. Thanks.