Saturday, June 7, 2008

De Press

De Press - Block To Block, 1981

Here's one of the more goth tracks on the album entitled "Kejk"

De Press are a Polish-Norwegian band that were featured on a Uniton Records compilation, which is how I originally found out about them. My original intention was to post their goth masterpiece album "Produkt" from 1982 here but I see that Systems of Romance's blog beat me to it. So here is their first album instead and this one is more punk than that one. I always thought the coolest thing about this band though was that they could put both punk and goth songs side by side on their albums, and do both styles quite successfully. According to wikipedia, they still tour and record today, albeit with a very different lineup. Another interesting thing I learned there is that the Produkt LP was produced by John Leckie who I remember as having produced The Stone Roses and The Fall, among many others.

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