Sunday, June 15, 2008

Low Numbers

Low Numbers - Keep In Touch 7", 1979

You know, I've disparaged pop music on this blog before, and melodies. But this one is a real gem in both departments. When I was investigating a lot of UK post-punk music in 2004, this one was especially memorable for me, and I bought the real article recently just so I could post it here. In the book by Vernon Joynson entitled Up Yours! A Guide to UK Punk, New Wave, and early Post Punk, he calls this single part of the mod revival. Okay, well...yeah I guess you could say that. Sure.

It was produced by Jimmy Pursey of Sham 69 but honestly I couldn't give a flying crap about Sham 69. I would love to know if Low Numbers ever released anything else. I tried to find this out a few times but came up with nothing. I think there was another (American) band called that from the same time period, though.


drpunkenstain said... many others from good old days of anarchy chaos and destruction this single is quite good,better then their lp;and is just questionable how many good punk singles collecting dust over someone's garage or dont give up,keep goin' let us hear'em!
Do you have book Up Yours?I Need little help,'cause i've got one but misteriously missing some pages and i'm looking for photocopy of that pages,and i preciate if you could help!Many thanks in advance and remain

Bimble said...

Yes I have the book. I will email you and see what I can do.