Sunday, June 15, 2008

Naughtiest Girl Was A Monitor

Naughtiest Girl Was A Monitor - "All I Need" 7" on Dining Out, 1982

Continuing the theme on this blog of posting records on the Dining Out label, here's one from Naughtiest Girl Was A Monitor. Apparently they were from Sheffield if System of Romance's blog is to be believed. They never had an LP issued while they were around, but last year Vinyl On Demand released an LP that contained their their three singles and more. Only problem is if you don't have a turntable you're fucked. :) Anyway, I believe this was the only one of their singles on Dining Out, the other ones were on different labels.

So what is it like? Mellow and synthesizery with vocals. I guess it's fair to say a lot of bands starting using synthesizers in 1980. These folks weren't afraid to pick up the ball and run with it. It's not really synth-pop though, it's too...melancholy for that I think. See what you think. Also...those two red dots on the sleeve - I'm convinced they were put there on purpose because I don't believe they are a stain.

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