Friday, June 13, 2008

Gods Gift (again!)

Gods Gift - 12" EP, 1981

Readers of this blog may remember me mentioning the Manchester post-punk band Gods Gift before, who were on the Buzzcocks' label New Hormones. Well, I have been trading emails with the guitarist, Stephen Murphy, who is a very nice man, and he has graciously given me permission to post this 12" EP. He tells me he is talking with several labels about releasing some Gods Gift material in the future that has remained unreleased all these years. He recently did a fairly lengthy and illuminating interview for a New Hormones website that you can read here. He also tells me that once when they were the support band for Joy Division he thought JD were so amazing he wanted to stop playing altogether!

So how to describe this EP? Well, it's dark and sinister, but in an in-your-face punk kind of way. It's comparable to early stuff by The Fall, real lo-fi like the "Dragnet" album but meaner and darker than that. This is just the kind of stretching-the-envelope post-punk I like. Doing something DIFFERENT and just not giving a fuck. Makes pop music look like nothing. Makes melodies seem unimportant.

I deeply regret that I was not able to successfully scan this record sleeve, either front or back. I tried several times, but alas I just don't think my computer has enough memory to make it work. I am going to get more memory put in my computer soon. The logo you see above is only a small portion of the front sleeve.

Here is a link to my original post about this band.


Jamie said...

My dad (Iain Grey) was the bassist. He's a great man indeed :D.

Bimble said...

Was he your dad?? That's fucking grate. I emailed Stephen recently about this man called Iain Grey who showed up in the Joy Division documentary who I could have sworn played in Gods Gift, too. Steve said he did play in Gods Gift, this Iain Grey! Wonderful, mate. Thanks for your comment. I'm touched.

The Time-traveller and His Dog said...

Gosh, never thought I'd ever hear of this band again. I went to see Gods Gift when my son's post-punk band, Pi Cabinet, were supporting them at the Old Music College (The Squat), would have been 1979 or 80 I remember one of the band announcing their latest single, which I thought he said was called "Phone call to the future", which I thought was a cracking song title - but I later found out that it was called "Fuck all future". They were good, very.
I also remember that the young woman bassist was drop dead gorgeous.

Iain Grey said...

Can I add I never went on to be a Bingo Caller. I really wish I had though.
Thank you Jamie.Thats a nice thing to say

Anonymous said...

I Really wish I had gone on to be a Bingo Caller As Steve says on New Hormone site.That would have been Brilliant :-D
Thanks Jamie for comment.

Bimble said...

I think I posted the last two comments in the wrong order. Whoops! I have no idea what you guys are on about, but I love it. Iain, I have a DVD with you playing live with Gods Gift on it. Stephen M. gave it to me.

I still think Nico is the Queen of Goth, but you know...

Anyway, what were we talking about again?