Friday, June 27, 2008

Passionate Friends 7", 1983

Passionate Friends - "Passionate Friends"/"Wake Up-Shake Up" 7", 1983

I want to thank the person who commented on my recent Passionate Friends post saying they were looking forward to another blog post about them. What better way to get this blog rolling again than to get a comment like that. Cheers, you kind soul!

I can't promise this blog will always stay on track. Sometimes I get really drunk and really passionate about music and the music in question may not even be post-punk (though The Dancing Did were). Last weekend was a good excuse to go nuts since my hard drive died. It felt right at the time and I'm not going to delete those posts. I meant every word of them. I'm pleased to report my computer is back and with more memory this time so I can get back to posting vinyl and hopefully I won't have any more trouble scanning LP sleeves. Anyway...

Yes, Scottish band. Passionate Friends. I believe this was their second and last 7", and the last official release of their career. I apologize for the vinyl quality of the b-side, but hey, if you're game to go fiddling with it in an audio program like Audacity and clean up the vinyl crackling, go ahead and send me the results. Unless I'm dealing with a pretty isolated vinyl pop or click I've never felt comfortable trying to clean up vinyl recordings. Besides, some folks just prefer to do it themselves, and I'd be depriving them of that. No joke. I once traded with a truly world-class collector of post-punk who felt that way. So either deal with the vinyl noise or clean it up and send me your betterment. Thanks.

The great news about this band is you don't have to hunt too far for info about them or to even hear their stuff. I believe their myspace page has three more songs up than were ever released, and they're even downloadable, though it takes a bit of work. Check it all out here.

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