Sunday, June 22, 2008

The Dancing Did - "And Did Those Feet" (1982) reissue CD

OH MY FUCKING GAWD did you folks know that Cherry Red reissued their 1982 album called "And Did Those Feet" with fucking 12 bonus tracks!!!!!!!!! COUNT EM! *12 BONUS TRACKS*


You thought the Damned were good??? HOLY FUCKING HELL
Here is a link.

That is why am a fucking anglophile is the likes of this CD. Oh my god.

The Brits always do it best when it comes to music. NEVER FORGET IT.

And then at the end of these bonus trax there's one where they decide to scratch my disco itch. Oh my fucking christ. THE HIGSONS would run and hide in fear of this song called "The World's Gonna End In Cheltenham (b-side to 'Badger Boys')! These people were....OH my god. MUSIC! Glorious music! This is the fucking shit.

Don't the fucking Brits do it? Isn't always the BRITS WHO MAKE THE BEST MUSIC IN THE WORLD?????? Come ON! You know it's true!

I want every Sex Pistols fan to hear the Dancing Did's song called "Green Man" and then tell me what the hell else they want from music.


Stokie Boy said...

I have this on vinyl from years ago. Back in the mid 80's the Dancing Did were big favourites of ours down in Portsmouth, England. Glad to see it getting a re-release.

Bimble said...

Thanks for your comment! I heard the album a few years back but those bonus tracks did more for me than I remember the album doing!