Sunday, November 23, 2008

The Servants - She's Always Hiding 7", 1986

The Servants - She's Always Hiding/Transparent 7", 1986

Oh my god I fucking love this single. Oh my god. This band were on the NME C86 cassette from 1986 ("Transparent") and they really stood out amongst the other bands in my opinion. They went on to do another 12" release called "The Sun A Small Star" EP which I still have and could post later. Also the singer David Westlake did a solo EP on Creation Records which I could also post later if I feel like it. But mostly the Servants will probably go down in history for joining up with Luke Haines just after his Auteurs breakthrough in the early 90's. But the album he did with them just wasn't the same as this kind of stuff I'm posting here.

Did someone say GOOD OLD FASHIONED UK MID 80's INDIE POP????????

Even fucking Sarah records fans should hear this, and weep. Wasn't there a dude in this band who went on to be in Lush, too? Philip King? Eh?


Anonymous said...

grandisima banda poco conocida

y enorme tu blog


Anonymous said...

fantastico blog y fantastico disco


Anonymous said...

conocia transparent
pero no she`s always hiding.

maravillosa cancion