Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Deckchairs Overboard "That's The Way" EP, 1982

Deckchairs Overboard - That's The Way EP, 1982

I first heard of this band a few weeks ago due to a certain person I'm not sure if I should give credit to here or not but if wants me to, I will. Anyway a video of "That's The Way" was posted on You Tube and I decided I had to have this record, only I could find no blogs or elsewhere online to find this record. So I bought it and ripped it myself. See what you think. I love the last track especially, "Where Elephants Hide". So DARK. So GOTH. So...weird and subversive.

Here's the video that hooked me in:

They went on to do a whole LP, released in 1985, but I haven't heard that yet.


oldskool said...

The video is pretty good, though the song is a bit repetitive. Great guitar work, but why must the bass player look like a clone of Robert Smith? A joke? The singer is quite cool and unusual for the time. You are right, the last track is the best. Goth funk? Thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

That singer looks crazy!!!
The video is cool but kind of like a working man's version of Jonathan Demme's 'Perfect Kiss' video.
I kind of like the song, gonna download the EP. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

hi there.

Is there anyway to re-post this. Rapidshare is won't allow anymore download of this song.


Bimble said...

Oh my! This is horrible. Rapidshare are pieces of shit. I'll upload it again. Thanks for letting me know.

Bimble said...

okay, it's reuploaded now.

Kit said...

FYI - young Paul Hester on the cover there went on to Split Enz and Crowded House, post-Deckchairs.

Anonymous said...

Hey Bimble,
Here is a link to another Deckchairs rip.
The comp that follows has a great song (Shout-128bitr
=suk) sung by the girl in the band, LOV IT! LUV HER!
Link to DL:

Shout Vid:

2nd vid for "Thats the Way":

You've turn me on once more Bimble, good job.

Bimble said...

Well, I guess that's what I'm here for is to turn people on! LOL

Thanks, UU. I'm glad you're still out there!

Richard Grant said...

thanks for this, been looking for it for a while. there is a couple of good b-sides from there first few singles as well. one day i'll get around to ripping them.

Richard Grant said...

check out another lost australian band from slightly later in the 80's:

the EP is the place to start


Richard Grant said...

Deckchairs Overboard singles here: