Saturday, November 1, 2008

Come On

A person named "Ge" just posted a comment to my recent Talking Heads (You Tube) thread and mentioned their own post-punk band (called Come On?). Here is the clip. It definitely sounds like Talking Heads. Apparently they opened up for (were the support band for) Klaus Nomi in this clip. Very cool. Tell us some more about your band, Ge!


ge said...

well hi! thanks for featuring COME ON here. You probably know by now we released an album at the end of the century, an EP a couple years later. Then last year a member discovered a cache of forgotten live videos of us like the one posted.

Maybe i'll just supply a few links for those w/ further interest.
The album is pretty much sold out, but readily available by downloads* at the usual services: like amazon, itunes, emusic [actually they got us confused with some other guys for a number of weeks now], napster, etc

* support yr local living non-government-bailed-out artists!

Bimble said...

Thanks for writing!