Tuesday, November 25, 2008


Are you like me and feel that Craig Scanlon & Steve Hanley were the best things to happen to The Fall outside of Mark E. Smith and Brix? Then please hear this new band from San Diego called The Muslims. Because they make me feel like Scanlon & Hanley are back playing with the Fall at times. The production is just brilliant, and the guitar has that perfect twang to it, and the bass echo...what a joy they are. Certainly they're a bit like the Monks as well.

Here's their myspace page. You might do well to remember, though, that sound is always horribly compressed on myspace, so you'd do well to buy their record/CD (you get the vinyl AND the CD together!!! Isn't that sweet?) at Insound.com


Hob Gob said...

they are now called 'The Soft Pack'
Sorry, but listening to the stuff on myspace, there's no more than a general resemblance to The Fall -the music lacks all the oddness and off-kilter bits that make/made the Fall what they are/were. These singalong 'whoa-whoa-whoa' stuff doesn't help either (tho I realise you were just talking about the music). I can see why they're supporting Franz Ferdinand on tour.. As for The Monks comparison?!
By the way, any Fall fans might enjoy watching this, Jeffrey Lewis' short history of The Fall: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tP_Dk81f9fg

Bimble said...

Well, so they changed their name, then! Can't say I blame them, really. It appears we disagree about what reference points they call to mind, but I think to compare them to Franz Ferdinand is unfair. FF have always seemed to me a terrible, gimmicky, extremely watered-down version of post-punk that rather insults the genre and as far as production values go, they would do well to imitate The Soft Pack.
That Lewis clip about The Fall is so cute! I especially dig the drawing of John Peel in that. Thanks for posting it.

Hob Gob said...

No no, I didn't say they sound like FF! I more meant I can understand why they're touring with FF -what with the 'whoa whoa' choruses and almost but not quite radio-friendly (yet) feel, i.e. FF are unlikely to be be upstaged (at least to their audiences eyes/ears) by such a band.
Just my opinion(s) of course, and would not want to put your other readers off giving Muslims/Soft Pack a listen for themselves, and also deciding on the Fall similarities or otherwise! And perhaps previous recordings do reveal more of that. Anyway, thanks for all the blogwork and shares!