Thursday, November 27, 2008

A Certain Ratio - "Shack Up" from Part Time Punks Festival 2008

Okay, be prepared because the sound on this clip is horribly distorted, but I think it's worth watching anyway because Denise is so beautiful and it shows how neat "Shack Up" sounded with her on lead vocals. If you look closely there's a short guy directly in front of her in the audience who's head is bobbing up and down faster than other people around. That's me! Haha, you can even see me raise and wave my fist to the music at one point.

This entire gig is available on the internet in audio form with much better sound quality than this, and it's a fantastic gig all around. Their new album is supposed to be out in France any day now and I'm absolutely foaming at the mouth for it.

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