Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Pink Turns Blue - Eremite, 1989

Pink Turns Blue - Eremite LP, 1989

I normally don't pay attention to anything with the "goth" tag past say, 1983, but this one sounds pretty cool, it reminds me of stuff that used to be on Louisiana's (U.S.) Doctor Death records in the 80's, if anyone remembers that label. Whoops! I mean C'est La Mort records! That's the name of that label, Doctor Death was only the name of the guy who ran it. He was from Baton Rouge. Hell, I can't believe I'm remembering all this now. But yeah...I think this band were from Germany, not Belgium as the DJ at this goth night told me. But I'm not really sure. The interesting thing about him telling me that though was I actually did buy their next album "Aerdt" while I was in Belgum in 1991! But I no longer have it. Oh well.

"Michelle" is the most compelling track here, I think. I heard it at a club night and it's got an infectious beat you can sortof dance to if you want. Sometimes this album is a bit abrasive...the way he shouts "She's dead! She's dead!" at the end of "Moon" is kindof you know...ouch with the pain! You know that guy is NOT kidding when he says that woman is dead. "Now.Son" is rather in-your-face and industrial. "Emerite" seems to mimic Nick Cave's crazy Birthday-Party vocals. I will stress though, that these guys did use synthesizers. Well, I say they did use them, but it looks as though they are still playing according to their myspace page.

Probably not my most FAVOURITE type of goth, but an interesting album nonetheless. I think in a way it's really the lyrics that are the best thing about it. The lyrics are really extraordinary on this. Of course the accent of the singer makes them hard to understand for a native English speaker at times.


panole8riambos said...

Pink Turns Blue were a wonderful band.

Anonymous said...

Yes, "Michelle" turned out to be their most successful track within the Dark Wave/"Goth" scene, it is played until nowadays in the clubs. Nevertheless, they issued quite a lot of albums between 1987 and 1992/1993, with lots of other wonderful tracks, which are quite well-known until today, at least in Germany. (Oh, yes, they are a German band, indeed.) After their re-union (circa 2004) they issued their favourite older tracks on a compilation album, then did two really wonderful new albums, "Phoenix" (2005) and "Ghost" (2007), which I can recommend to everyone who likes their style of music!