Saturday, December 27, 2008

Martha & The Muffins - Black Stations White Stations (1984)

ARRRRGH Haven't enjoyed this song in so long!!! :) :) :)

Incidentally, there was a Dutch man named Martin who recently wrote me a nice, long email about Dif Juz etc. If you're out there, I'm sorry I haven't been able to concentrate on it, but I was so delighted you took the time to write it all. Thank you very much!


Anonymous said...

Dif Juz are great. I take it that you haven't heard their stuff, if you have then forget this message.
there are only 3 Dif Juz LPs, Extractions and Out Of The Trees are the best ones- the last one Soundpool i have not heard.
Out Of The Trees is a great album, VERY 4AD, you can't go worng.
A simple blog search will turn up any of these gems.


Bimble said...

Well, it's odd that you should mention them out of the blue like that. They're one of my all-time fave bands, and if you do a search on my blog you will see I posted their rare cassette of demos and have mentioned them several times. I am thinking of putting up some more of them very soon, in fact.

Adam said...

One of the few bands my brother introduced me to, Echo Beach was a favorite of mine for a summer.