Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Die Unbekannten - Don't Tell Me Any Stories LP ('81-83)

Die Unbekannten - Don't Tell Me Any Stories LP, '81-83

I am utterly ASTOUNDED at the quality of this record. 100% Grade-A GOTH right here. This was an LP release from 2005 on a label called Vinyl On Demand that compiled their entire discography from 1981-1983 and added a few as-yet-unreleased goodies. The problem is they only did 500 copies and it looks as though they are all sold and now looking around I find that records by this band are going for US$200-600, WAY out of my price range (or any sane person's price range, I think). But oh the treasure trove in store for your ears here! If you like goth, like Joy Division, etc. I think very few releases get as good as this one in that genre. The song "The Game" for example (second version on this) has a bass that sounds like early A Certain Ratio or early Section 25, SO cool! And check out that crazy ass synth drum sound on that track. That almost gives New Order's "Chosen Time" a run for its money. Yikes.

Fantabulous stuff. If anyone wants me to take this down, please just let me know because I would love to believe that SOMEONE somewhere is going to re-release this.

Also, that last track "Alone" gave me goose pimples (chills) today and I can't even REMEMBER the last time any music did that to me!


Kakophonia said...

Wow, I've been looking for this for such a long time O__O Thanks for posting it!

Levi said...

Brilliant! Thanx for this - I've never heard this band before - thanx for the posting.