Friday, December 19, 2008

More Reposts

Okay, I'm home from work today so I am working on all these reposts people have requested.

Here's what I'm working on:

Belt & Braces Roadshow Band - Self-Titled LP, 1974-75 (definitely hope to have this one back up today, this is a fun one)

Guitar George - Who Is Innocent?" 12", 1987

The High - Take Your Time 12", 1990 (this one is back up now already)

Blue In Heaven - Across My Heart 12", 1984 (this one is already back up now)

Walk The Walk LP, 1986 (this is an awful record and I dread ripping it again, but okay)

Urban Shakedown - The Big Bad Wolf/Rap The Wolf 7", 1982

Cathy La Creme & The Cro-Tones - "I Married A Cult Figure From Salford"/"Tea Machine Dub", 1980 (this one is already back up now)

Ed Banger - Kinnel Tommy/Baby Was A Baby 7", 1978 (this one is already back up now)

and last but not least...

The Maps single (another really fun one I'd like to get done today)

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